good extreme skin color

With fruit green dark green red fragrant

For example front corset

make the corset more exquisite, the quality first tells you according to the routine, I hope corset waist position above the waist line and standard type; because the connection between the dress and the skirt is just at the waist of the human body

Age under Ginger light corset top

rich in vitality and vitality Corset ages around 30 years old, with royal blue lingerie floral chiffon or gemstone green dress pictures in the waist type, including Low waist type (waist position below the waist line), high waist type

summer breeze of the mint green

resists all the dazzling colors, making people feel like immersed in pure and clear blue waves. It looks cool and seems to have a hint of fragrant mint green, which brings you a refreshing and thoughtful thought in this romantic season. Slim dress with lace trim attached to the